Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all! We are celebrating around the state. Whether it is fireworks down in Southeast, parades up north, or just an outdoor barbeque—we are ready to come together as Alaskans and as Americans. We had a long, tough year last year and so being able to be together in celebration is something that I think we all embrace. But I think it’s also important to recognize that these freedoms that we have and the extraordinary country we are blessed to call home don’t come without sacrifice. So in the midst of all the celebrations—time with family and time with friends—let us not forget the price of freedom. As we celebrate Independence Day, be safe, be strong, be sound.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski

Washington, D.C.

This is my story

My name is Darlene Otten, I am from the Native village of St. Michael Alaska here in the United States of America. I have been fighting for my Freedom and my American Dream for 37 years.

I knew the power of education and the power it has to help my village and other villages here in Alaska. My People have suffered so much since the United States bought Alaska from Russia. So many have died because we are not protected and are not free to help our villages. Each village is its own Government and is part of the United States, yet we are not protected by the Justice Department and have suffered greatly from our own State of Alaska.

Since our lands were taken by force, my People have faced hardship as the United States tried to get rid of my People and force us to change, this crime is still happening to this day. They failed. My People get murdered left and right and yet we have no or little help from the State of Alaska and the Federal Justice Department. We have murderers, rapist still walking around and Tribal Dictators ruling our villages. Third party Native Organizations steal most of our funding for our villages and our villages are in third world conditions.

I am a Christian Native American and have used my freedom of speech to help my kids, myself and my People. Only God has helped me and provided for me. I have faced a lot of hardship from my own people, in my home town, from the Tribal leaders who has harassed me, stole my home and misspent and stole thousands of grant money that I got for them. I worked without pay. Our IRA was just a pile of paper due to decades of misspending and stealing.

My under aged son got beaten and almost killed by the village police officer in another village. This village is clearly breaking Federal Laws. I used to live there and have seen communism at its best. Only one church is allowed, the Preacher thinks he owns the village and have took over twisting the Bible to control take control of others. I am trying to protect my son who remains there with my 7 grandkids.

When others are allowed to work and thrive and others are out casted and watched like a hawk for every little wrong its very hard. They break all laws both State and Federal and make up laws to hurt others. Now if you are found guilty of drinking 3 times your kicked out of the village. They have searched my sons home even go in without anyone home. He yelled at the Village Police Officer and now is looking to be kick out of the village and leaving behind his own kids.

Because of my freedom of speech, I have been arrested and gone to jail for nothing. I have had to sell my home because a man lost his home to his x wife and I bought it, in Willow Ak. Troopers did nothing to help me as he and his gang, the Shoot, Shovel and Shut up gang harassed me and my granddaughters who are just little girls. Shooting around, going on my property and threatening to kill my late boyfriend even killed my dog. He even posted that I’m a crazy drunk person with domestic violence. I was taken to jail got hurt by the trooper and gone to jail twice for nothing. After two years of going to court I won. The public attorneys don’t help us Alaskans they work for the district attorneys to find us guilty. Some Judges don’t even follow the laws.

The State of Alaska has been stealing our Native kids for decades and giving them to people not of our race. They try to steal two of mine after they got beaten by law enforcement. I used my freedom of speech to get them back. We the People are responsible for what is going on and need to speak up and that’s what I been doing. God bless the United States and our freedom fighters. Amen.

Darlene Otten

Wasilla, Alaska

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