Gustan L. Green-Smith Jr. April 2, 2018 – April 5, 2018

Gustan Lawrence Green-Smith Jr., “Ackaq”was born on April 2, 2018 at 12:14pm at the Providence Hospital to parents Loretta Smith and Gustan Green. When we first found out about the pregnancy we tried to feed both parents good, especially Loretta since she was carrying Baby.
Every day we fed him (Baby) good food. His favorite was akutaq, along with Mongolian Beef, French toast, and orange juice. He hated apple juice and kicked his mom’s stomach when he didn’t like the food and drink.
His favorite nurse was Holly, a young R.N. She loved and cared for him so much she even cried when he had a hard time breathing.
The frequent visitors were his aunts Maureen McDonald, Gladys Johnson, Roberta Smith, Marilyn Johnson, Kacy Green, and Ciara Lord.
The Baby was a very special baby, everyone who saw and touched him fell in love with him. We all made sure he was constantly held and talked to every single time and day we were with the family. He brought the love for him turn to other around him! He made us be good to each other and everyone who got in touch with us all.
From the start we knew Gustan Jr. would not live long. He was with us for 4 days. Those four days were a very Special time to the Parents and Grandparents. Lots of Special Love!
When the nurse was cleaning his eyes, both eyes were closed, he pointed to his father with his pointer. He seemed to know when his Dad was close by. When Dad fed him, he used to be happy and quiet. Grandma Maria gave him his first bath. He looked happy and stretched out. We thought he was so happy and warm because he was back in his Mother’s stomach. He looked relaxed and happy.
Each day small gifts were given to Baby and his parents. We know they were to qaruteq the parents and those of us who love them. The greatest love was to the baby and his parents. We took turns taking and holding the baby. He hardly slept in his bassinette because he was always in someone’s arms being loved.
To announce Gustan Jr.’s birth we rejoiced because we hardly had small babies when my boys were growing up. So, he was already a very special baby. When Mom kissed him, he’d accept it and not frown at all. He knew when Dad was near. That night before he passed we knew he would be leaving soon.
When grandma was keeping her hospital appointment at ANMC, she got a hurried call from her son. He sounded panicked, so she hurried back. That was his first time turning blue and for a few seconds he didn’t breathe. That was the first of his gasping for air. His breathing was getting shallow, it was getting near.
He died in his Mom’s arms. Dad took over and handed Gustan Jr. to Grandma, who sang “Heart of Jesus” to him. Grandma gave him his last bath after he died on April 5, 2018 at 6:00am. Many relatives were notified of his passing. Like his cousin Kacy Green’s text, “He will forever be an Angel.”
I am a tiny Angel to help you on your way. I guide and protect you, as you travel through your day. I wrap my wings around you, and listen to you pray. I am a tiny Angel, a reminder of God’s Love and how he’s watching over us, from somewhere up above.