Guideline suggestions for search and rescue missions

To whom it may concern and Coastal Area Villages,

Newtok Village Council would like to implore assisting agencies and other parties involved or affected to amend the guidelines for conducting ground and aerial search and rescue parties, especially with Alaska State Troopers and Coast Guard because of the difference between river and ocean searches.

First, rivers are more enclosed and most likely have more specific areas to cover therefore 45 days should be given for river search activities.

And for vast open waters such like big lakes and oceans, be given double of 90 days, due to the wide range of open water.

Lastly, not to completely suspend search and rescue activities which includes aerial activities. Suspension can be done due to weather conditions – once weather improves should continue for the duration of days allowed to conduct search and rescue activities.

If anyone or any companies/agencies would like to donate food/monetary donations will be greatly appreciated. For fuel and motor oil donations please call Katherine Charles Newtok Search and Rescue @ 907-237-2202. Quyana.

Newtok Village Council
Newtok, AK

Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt Thanks

Thank you to all that helped with the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt. LKSD lets us use their school playground and JROTC provided several volunteers. A good assortment of prizes were donated by AC Store, Swanson’s, Sammy’s Market, YKHC Dental, Subway, Wells Fargo Bank, Bethel Fire Station, Friends of the Library, and ID Variety. The annual Easter Egg Hunt tradition has gone through many changes and goes back many decades. Community support keeps it going. And for anyone that enjoys volunteering, Lions Club always welcomes new members.

Susan Taylor, Lions Club member
Bethel, AK

Thank you for Freedom of Speech

My name is Darlene Otten-Carl, I have lived in Palmer Alaska for seven years now. I’m a Yupik eskimo from the village of St. Michael. I’m a Christian since a child and have given my life to the Lord to use in 2001 after my 3-year-old went home. I’m a single mother who has survived child sex abuse by the catholic church and in the village, who have survived domestic violence and have survived being treated as a second-class citizen because of being a native person and for not being full native.

I have worked hard to get ahead but have come upon blocks that I need to address publicly. I care about others in my situation and have always gone public to help others and myself. Thank God for freedom of speech!

I have made complaints along with hundreds of others to the Native Hospitals regarding the long hours of wait in the emergency rooms. This has resulted in life lost, and still nothing is done. They don’t even give out coffee or food for the long hours of wait. This is cruel treatment.

Also Medicate is now given generic drugs which are cheaper and take longer to work or don’t work. I have been allergic to four meds and still suffering from side effects. I’m afraid of taking any generic drugs now.

I don’t approve of Native hire first when it comes to our healthcare. I would rather have a highly qualified person, than a less qualified native person. This also prevent us natives to the best qualified persons to help our villages. Our villages are very poor due to laws not being implemented and our councils being run by families, who hire their own families. These complaints go far back and yet BIA does nothing. All this affects every aspect of our people’s lives.

I have fought for my healthcare and not getting the proper care has affected my schooling. I was a Charter College type but when I got sick, I had no support and was forced to fail just a few points to passing. The Director herself called me and told me I failed academically, with no regard of her knowing I was sick for a month. I blame the generic drugs. Also, the commercial they post is very wrong! In helping others get the education they need. It is discrimination.

I have been harassed along with others by the Matsu Borough for past due taxes and they have threatened homeowners who are even 100 dollars behind in taxes and put our names in the newspapers, to take our homes. This is wrong and against the law to take homes for a few dollars, plus the headache, stress and shame homeowners go through, to put our names in the newspapers is so cruel! I just owe past due of 2,200.00 plus taxes due now, which I not only owe but also GCI and MTA who are in my yard!

I call these organizations bullies! I have sent GCI and MTA letters regarding them in my yard 15 feet. I have an easement for MTA from the 70’s for telephone use only, and they are doing more than telephone use. The easement is for water and sewer which are underground, not for entertainment purposes.

When I first got a hold of GCI I was told that they can do anything they want in my yard, was yelled at and yelled at again a few days ago. When I got a hold of MTA I was told I was behind on my property tax, was told that they have an easement and don’t know why GCI was there. They say they are doing only telephone. Ya right. GCI is making millions on our villages and yet they have snail internet, I have seen a month bill of over 600 dollars for one person!

I have had a hard time getting a lawyer in Alaska because of my race and so I have been going public on everything in my life. Have a blessed Easter and I thank God for being with me every second of my breath. Thank you for the Freedom of Speech and may God bless you.

Darlene Otten-Carl
Palmer, Alaska