Greater Yukon Delta Cross Country Results

The Greater Yukon Delta Cross Country high school division race was held in Mountain Village last Saturday, September 28th, 2019. Teams from Chevak, Hooper Bay, Scammon Bay, Pilot Station, Russian Mission, and St. Mary’s participated.

The top 5 runners in each division will be headed to the State Cross Country finals, October 5th, 2019 at the Bartlett High School trails.

Rounding out the top five for the girls are Shayauna Bukowski from Chevak, Mary Long of Hooper Bay, Sandra Tunutmoak of Scammon Bay, Rose Lake of Hooper Bay, and Flora Nanuk of Scammon Bay.

For the boys it is Isaac Titus of Scammon Bay, Patrick Polty of Pilot Station, Jesse Nanuk of Hooper Bay, Billy Tinker of Hooper Bay, and Shaquille Joe of Hooper Bay.

Runners from the Greater Yukon Delta will be running with other Region 1 Division III racers from Aleutians East, Greater Kuskokwim, Lower Kuskokwim, Northwest Arctic, Southwest, Bering Straits, North Slope, Sockeye, and Unalaska.

Greater Yukon Delta Cross Country Results

High School Girls

1. Shayauna Bukowski – Chevak

2. Mary Long – Hooper Bay

3. Sandra Tunutmoak – Scammon Bay

4. Rose Lake – Hooper Bay

5. Flora Nanuk – Scammon Bay

6. Leah Amukon – Scammon Bay

7. Savannah Smart – Hooper Bay

8. Haley Ulroan – Chevak

9. Traci Evan – St. Mary’s

10. Sister Nick – Pilot Station

11. Joanita Bell – Hooper Bay

12. Mckayla Morgan – Russian Mission

13.  Leona Chayalkun – Chevak

High School Boys

1. Isaac Titus – Scammon Bay

2. Patrick Polty – Pilot Station

3. Jesse Nanuk – Hooper Bay

4. Billy Tinker – Hooper Bay

5. Shaquille Joe – Hooper Bay

6. William Guidry – St. Mary’s

7. Patrick Fitka – Pilot Station

8. Alexander Bird – Emmonak

9. Peter Tuluk – Chevak

10. Andrae Shorty – Emmonak

11. Gregory Fratis – Emmonak

12. Monroe Wilde – Mountain Village