Great Pyrenees and Bulldog win Best in Show

Best in Show! At are Alyssa Boyer and her bulldog Jorden who is so happy to win. Jorden won the Most Adorable award and also the Best in Show for Fun Categories. At right are Marcie, a Great Pyranees and his owner Regina Teresi. Marcie won the Working Group award and also Best in Show for the Breed Categories.

by K.J. Lincoln

A big white Great Pyrenees named Marcie and a sweet bulldog named Jorden are the Best in Show winners at the Bethel Dog Show held last Sunday.

Overall approximately 23 doggies participated in one of Bethel’s most entertaining events. This year marks the 12th annual dog show sponsored by the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center, the Kuskokwim Campus, Yuut Elitnaurviat, the Bethel Friends of Canines, the Old Friendly Dog Farm, and Dr. Bob Sept of the Bering Sea Animal Clinic.

The Breed categories included Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Herding, Non-Sporting, and Delta Mix. Volunteer judges for the Breed categories were Alton Alexie and Tammy Kaboord.

Events in the Fun Categories included Best Tail Wagger, Best Vocal Performance, Most Adorable, the Olympic Trials Agility Course, Most Original Costume, Best Trick, and Most Obedient. Judging was provided by Addy Peters and Lisa Demer.

A new record was set in the Olympic Trials Agility Course. Charlie, a Boxer, owned by Regina Teresi completed the course in 11.81 seconds breaking the longstanding record of 14.1 seconds set in 2015 by “Brother” a blue-eyed Australian Shepherd.

Coming in second was Boots, a terrier-mix who finished in 12.41. In third was Jake, a German Shorthaired Pointer who finished the course at 12.47. The first time this event was started was in 2014.

Emcee for the Dog Show was Jeremy Osborne assisted by his wife Katy Krings, thank you!

2017 Bethel Dog Show Results

Breed Category Winners

Sporting: “Jake” with Santina Hancock

Hound: “Snoopy” with Cindy Christian

Working Group: “Marcie” with Regina Teresi

Terriers: “Miss Kitty” with Emily Russell

Delta Mix: “Sparky” with Chase Angaiak

Toy: “Lyza Jane” with Sharon Sigmon

Herding: “Holly” with Nancy Vernon

Non-Sporting: “Wynton” with Sara Stockton

Best In Show: “Marcie” with Regina Teresi

Fun Category Winners

Tail Wagging: “Jinx” with Callie Tony

Best Vocals: “Lyza Jane” with Sharon Sigmon

Most Adorable: “Jorden” with Alyssa Boyer

Best Costume: “Rox” with Jane Imholdt

Best Tricks: “Sookie” with Louise Russell

Most Obedient: “Jake” with Santina Hancock

Agility Course: “Charlie” with Regina Teresi

Best in Show: “Jorden” with Alyssa Boyer