Grateful for our Blessings

by Peter Twitchell

Year by Year our body is aging. I’m 71, thinking I am aging “gracefully”. I can still walk. I can walk full steam ahead for ½ mile and not feel winded and I’m very grateful for that because I know that one day I’ll be slowing down.

I am grateful for every day that I have and thank Creator God for watching over each and every one of us! We are blessed living on the land where people help one another. Alaska has been good for us and to us. The people make up Alaska!

On Monday I had cataract surgery on the left eye. It was a successful operation! My left eye can see clearly and is healing nicely.

The world around me is so much brighter and more colorful, rather than a tinted dull brown. I am looking forward to A.N.M.C. Ophthalmology removing my right eye cataract. Thank you for Doctors like James Ford, bless them!

We are truly blessed to have good doctors and medicine. We must be grateful daily for our blessings Almighty Creator has given us. Get in the good habit of counting our blessings each and every day.

I can drive at night from the Matanuska (Mat-Su) Valley and drive on good pavement that is lit up with street lights 50-60 feet apart. I’ve been to places where streetlights are don’t exist or are limited.

Carry that fire that is grateful for everything that Creator God has given you. Don’t take it for granted, treasure your gifts and cherish family because that is all we have in this life.

Unfortunately, some people let their fire go out in them, turning cold and forget to thank Creator God for the gifts He has given us.