Good wishes, happy Slaaviq

by Peter Twitchell

I awoke from a wonderful dream of Mom’s old house in Bethel. In my dream it was full of my grandkids. Kids have always been and still is our family connection in Yup’ik Country!

They bring joy to our lives in the Christmas season just past, and Slaaviq is coming upon us in 2 days actually. January 7-14 is a time friends, family, and relatives gather together in celebration of God’s gift to mankind, His son Jesus.

The times I helped celebrate Slaaviq in Bethel and Kwethluk brought me fulfillment in my life and centered me. This celebration is worldwide also in Anchorage, when young and old sing, pray and eat together.

We have much to be thankful for, even memories of time past to reflect on in this fast world of ours. So receive God’s blessing to each one of us in gratitude and love for our fellow mankind.

Happy Slaaviq!