Good wishes for 2020

by Peter Twitchell

As we begin down the road in 2020 help us to follow you. Open our hands and our hearts to receive this day as a special gift from you oh Lord. You begin each day with a sunrise, not only announcing your radiant presence in our lives but to light our way.

Even before I rise from my sleep you have prepared my way. You oh Lord await my first conscious thought. You rejoice when I glance your way. Bring me the gift of thanksgiving as I thank you for a new day. My thankfulness draws you closer to me, as I come to you with thanksgiving. You are God from whom all blessings flow.

I thank you when I sing a praise song of your wondrous works in my life. Thank you for taking great delight in me when I praise you.

Today with humbleness I will drive through my neighborhood and pray for every household. I will humble myself and pray for those in need of a smile. I will give it freely knowing it comes from you to share.

I will read your word and live it every day in 2020. My Ancestors have already instructed me to humble myself to orphans for they are deserving of high regard.

The poor, a reminder to me that no one is inferior in quality and value. People who read your word and live it are different, than those who don’t. You live through us, when we obey your word.