Gladys Jung Elementary Students support BFK9s

Gladys Jung Elementary Students of Bethel created a fundraiser to help the local pet rescue organization – the Bethel Friends of Canines or BFK9s. They presented a check for $175.00 to BFK9s last week. The official name of the fundraiser is “Buy your Friend a Boo-Gram for Halloween and support the Bethel Friends of K9s.” GJE Student Council wanted to raise funds for BFK9 to find homes for the rescue dogs. Ms. Connie Tracy is a 4th grade teacher at GJE and also the student council advisor. “I helped the kids brainstorm local organizations in Bethel that they could raise money for, they chose BFK9’s,” she said. “This was our first go at selling candy grams and we raised $175.00! Not too shabby for our first fundraiser. The kids created a large poster check made out to Bethel Friends of Canines and signed by the GJE STUCO.” It was presented to Jesslyn Elliot by the President of our Student Council and the representatives. Photo courtesy of Lisa M. Couey