Gladys Jung awarded Community Action Grant

Gladys Jung Elementary is the recipient of the most recent award for the City of Bethel’s Community Action Grant program.

The Gladys Jung Elementary Wrestling Program requested $10,602 to cover the cost overrun to purchase one wrestling mat, storage hoist for the mat, and hoist installation. The City of Bethel previously awarded Gladys Jung Elementary Wrestling Program for the same purchase.

Gladys Jung staff said that due to Covid-19 a delay of five months in requesting a structural quote by the architectural firm for the purchase of the mat hoist associated with the original grant request ($17,500 initially quoted), the price for the mat hoist has risen due to the initial quote being expired. The CAG Committee held a public meeting on November 30, 2021. The Committee discussed the applications, asked questions of the applicant, deliberated, and decided unanimously to support the Gladys Jung Elementary Wrestling Program application and recommend full funding.

The City of Bethel established the Community Action Grant Program (CAG) to allow community and individuals to request financial support for programs or events that contribute to the health, welfare, and overall quality of life for residents of Bethel, especially its most vulnerable populations. Funding for the program comes from 20% of the Alcohol Tax collected by the City.

The Community Action Grant Committee is a volunteer group of citizens who meet quarterly to review CAG applications, score them, and provide funding recommendations to City Council. Bethel City Council must approve the recommendations before funding is issued. Each recipient of CAG funds signs a grant agreement with the City and is responsible for spending the funds appropriately and producing an exit report at the end of the performance period.