Give freely

by Peter Twitchell

It was pointed out to me the other day that our daily lives are based on money. Isn’t that the truth though? Some people will not do anything for you without seeing money first. In some instances, it was pointed out to us, a minister will not come out here to evangelize to us bush Alaskans without being paid first. Imagine a minister who won’t go to the hospital to pray with you until they are compensated first?
I found in mom’s storage, an offering booklet sent to her from a Rev. Ewing in Texas back in 1963. All the coupons had been ripped out. Each coupon had a prayer request. She had to fill out a prayer request and mail her hard earned $5, $10, $20 gift before she could get prayer. The message to mom was, pay then pray.
Our Ancestors instructed us, “give freely to the widows, Elderly and the orphans.” That’ll be the day! Yes, this has been practiced, but never fully across the board, people that shouldn’t be are neglected.
Instead, it was pointed out to me, we point our finger at each other, criticizing one another for everything under the sun, always forgetting three (3) fingers are pointing back at us, unless of course you’re using your thumb to point, then there are four fingers pointed at you.
It was also pointed out to us, we don’t know our neighbors. If we went to our neighbor and knocked on his door he would be dumbfounded as to what we were doing at his door. I tried that before, and guess what, people looked at me like I was crazy. People don’t care to know who their neighbors are, and if you visit them, they’re ready to shoot you or call the cops. Also, it was pointed out that we don’t hug anymore, so I went around and hugged everyone in church. He said, in the lower 48 you don’t hug, because everyone down there stays at an arms length away from each other.
I don’t think I want to hug anyone down there, I might get a full knuckle sandwich between my eyes, no thank you!