Full or empty

by Peter Twitchell

A pastor in the church said, “What we think about God is the most important thing about us.” It is a good reminder to think on things of this nature as it better defines us as human beings.

Thinking back to this past year I think you’ll all agree we had time to talk to God about protecting us and our loved ones from the threat of the COVID-19 virus. Then our prayers were answered when we heard vaccines to protect us from the COVID virus were on the horizon!!

I believe there is a God who hears our prayers and heard the prayers of our people long before I was the twinkle in my Mother’s eye.

Can you see us back in the normal world as normal as we know it to be? Are we going to pray as much, are we going to turn to God as much as we did during the COVID epidemic of 2020? Or do we just forget God is our only salvation.

How many of us see it this way or do we just close our eyes to the facts that have held us captive all of our lives?

Without God in our daily lives we can struggle along life’s journey or thrive in His will. Our life can be a mystery or we can come to an understanding of why we are the way we are. No man can bail us out of our confusion about life’s circumstances.

Some have been hurt along their journey in life and some take the easy way out and blame God for their pain suffered in life. Some will seek sympathy from others and when they get it begin resenting those helping them. The individual who came to the aid becomes the bad guy and the vicious cycle begins again with a new fall guy, and the cycle never ends.

Only we can decide how we choose to live life either to the fullest or being empty.