Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum seeking culture sharers, lecturers

Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum is seeking proposals for their Winter Lecture / Culture Share Series to be held on Zoom between late November of 2020 and mid-March of 2021. Speakers are invited to propose to give a 30-45 minute Zoom presentation in one of six categories for the Winter Series. The categories are:

1) Talk on your art form or culture or relevant topic;

2) Traditional Story Telling – share a traditional story or several stories;

3) Provide an art-making demonstration;

4) Teach a traditional dance/ song;

5) Share a traditional Alaska Native recipe and give a cooking demonstration to show how to make the dish;

6) Give a presentation on a topic connected to Alaska Native cultures or interests you have researched for higher education purposes, publications, professional interest, or for your work for tribes, villages or corporations.

The deadline to apply is October 5th.

The Zoom events will be open to the general public, recorded, and then placed on the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum YouTube Channel. They may also be posted to Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum Facebook page and social media pages.

Speakers will need to have internet and sufficient bandwidth from their place of Zooming and computer access. At the end of each event, the speaker will give a short Q&A with Zoom event attendees. If selected, speakers will have to provide a brief bio and a bio picture to help advertise the event. Speakers will be given a $100 honorarium from the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum for their participation. A test run Zoom to ensure sufficient connection quality will be done in advance of the event.

To apply, send an email to [email protected]  with the subject “Winter Lecture/Culture Share.” You will be sent a 1 page form to fill out and submit.

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