Friends & Family

by Peter Twitchell

I have so many friends and family to thank for lifting me up and being there for me during the COVID-19 Epidemic. I would have nothing but names on this page and then some if I were to thank them all. Nevertheless, we been there listening to each other, lifting each other up, supporting and comforting, being compassionate and loving toward one another, and just saying “good morning” and sharing a laugh, which goes a long way.

Some have kept me posted on developments and happenings back home in Bethel, place where I was raised. I want to thank those who post bible verses and share their talents singing on FB. I have been inspired by many. I treasure songs in Yupiaq, using little used tradiational words that were used when I was a boy.

There is one song, the verse and bridge begins: “ampi umyualinqigglii – ampi umyualinqigglii…” which I love and have spent a whole week learning the phrasing and words so that I can add it to my repertoire and sing it for the Elders when we can gather safely again.

When you’re doing something you are passionate about, like going out to nature, camping out, being one with the land and tundra, we reap the benefits of refreshing our minds, body and spirit.

Each of us goes through a crisis or two in our lives and people sure don’t make it easy for us to have peace and harmony within. In order to move on in our lives, we have to let go, forgive and forget and enjoy our God-given life. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

New prophetic verses are unfolding at warp speed. Judgment will come to all of us.