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Hitzer Amish built woodstoves. UHMW Plastic sled runners. 543-2379. (11)(3/1-cnx)


300 Gallon Plastic Water Tanks in stock. Call Shorty at Shorty’s Shop for pricing. 543-3158 or 545-3157 (19)(9/18-cnx)

For Sale: Plastic Water Tanks

Only 31” wide, 70” high, 74” long. 500 Gallons, easily connect two for 1000 gallons! Fits through most doors for easy installation. Contact Shorty for pricing and information (907) 545-3157. (35)(6/21-cnx)

4.9 Acres Fishcamp Land for Sale. 1-907-545-0103. (7)(5/19-cnx)

Haroldsen Estates view lot $21,000. 907-277-4608, Holitna acreage. (8)(12/8-cnx)

15000 sf warehouse, 1980 sf small house 20 by 23 three plex 700 sf 907-545-0929. (15)(3/29-cnx)

For Rent



Looking to Hire 2 Carpenters

Pay Rate D.O.E. Summer and Fall Season. Send your resume to [email protected]. More info to call listed phone number below.

Joe Pete/ Apollo Home Solutions, LLC, 907-545-6762 (32)(7/21-cnx)



Full-Time Permanent

Closes April 28, 2023

Job Description

Primary Function:

The President/CEO is responsible for directing, managing and planning various programs and general day-to-day operations of AVCP RHA, as directed by the AVCP RHA Board of Commissioners (“Board”). The President/CEO supervises and/or delegates supervision of all housing authority employees, and is responsible for the housing authority and staff performance. Supervision by the President/CEO is a responsibility that covers all management level positions, unless the Board has specifically exempted a position from this requirement in writing.

Unless otherwise specified by the Board, the President/CEO shall also act as the President/CEO of AVCP Development Corporation.


The President/CEO is selected and directly supervised by the AVCP RHA Board and is subject to the Bylaws of the AVCP Regional Housing Authority and the Bylaws of the AVCP Development Corporation.

Duties of the President/CEO include, but are not limited to:

1. Represent AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation while developing and maintaining strong, positive relationships with state, federal and local governments, public agencies, village governments, home buyers and tenant groups, their representatives and the general public;

2. Direct, manage, plan and supervise projects and activities of AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation, including but not limited to, administration, preparation and execution of annual budgets and contracts, overseeing home site selection and negotiations, development, performance, construction, consultation, financial audits and litigation matters associated with these projects and activities;

3. Overseeing the creation and implementation of policies and procedures applicable to AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation, to include procurement, occupancy, admissions and personnel;

4. Maintain compliance with all federal and state housing requirements and advise the Board on matters concerning policy and decision-making criteria mandated under applicable state, federal, HUD and NAHASDA guidelines, which establish the programs and goals applicable to AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation;

5. Supervise and manage the systematic and orderly process of annual inspections and conveyance of AVCP RHA owned Mutual Help, HUD and NAHASDA homes for participants who have successfully satisfied the terms outlined in their respective home buyer program;

6. As a lead liaison of AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation, consult with counsel and local residents concerning new, existing and proposed projects, to include supervising negotiations necessary to secure home sites within regional villages;

7. Other duties as necessary or as assigned by the Board of Commissioners.

Required knowledge, Ability and Skills:

1. Minimum of four (4) years’ experience in administrative or management positions;

2. Four (4)-year college degree or equivalent specialty training in the area(s) relevant to construction and government regulated housing programs;

3. Knowledge of procurement and supply chain distribution within rural Alaska or areas comparable to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region, as well as new construction building, housing maintenance and contract administration;

4. Knowledge of rural Alaska villages and associated village governments in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta or comparable experience;

5. Ability to travel in rural Alaska, as needed, in order to act as AVCP RHA and AVCP Development Corporation’s representative within the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region villages, as well as throughout the State of Alaska;

6. Knowledge of federal authority governing Indian Housing Programs, to include HUD and NAHASDA regulations and guidelines;

7. Ability to effectively communicate, in person and via telephone/video conferencing, when acting as a liaison with village residents and representatives, local, state and federal governments, and the public; and

8. Ability to obtain and maintain necessary certifications, including the Indian Housing Management certification.

Salary: Salary is determined by the Board of Commissioners.

Mail inquiries to:

Aaron D. Sperbeck

Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot

510 L Street, Suite 700

Anchorage, AK 99501

Or email: [email protected] (606)(3/8-4/5)

Invitation to Bid



Yupiit School District is accepting sealed bids for the furnishing and delivery of Bulk Grade #1 Diesel Fuel Oil, Bulk Gasoline, Bulk Motor Oil and Propylene Glycol for Akiachak, Akiak, and Tuluksak schools.

All schools are located in remote rural Alaska and none are accessible by road.

The scope of work will include the purchase, transport, delivery, pumping and transfer of bulk fuel to the Yupiit School District’s bulk tanks.

Twenty-Five Thousand (25,000) gallons of Bulk Grade #1 Diesel, must be delivered to YSD Bulk Fuel Tanks in Tuluksak prior to June 30, 2023. The remainder of the Bulk Grade #1 Diesel for Tuluksak, may be delivered as normally scheduled.

Sealed bids will be accepted at the Yupiit School District Office. Sealed bids shall be addressed to:

Yupiit School District

Attn: Director of Maintenance & Operations

PO Box 51190

Akiachak, AK 99551

Or Email the finalized Proposal and all Documentation, to both listed email addresses:


Jennifer Phillip [email protected] Business Manager

Judy Anderson [email protected] Director of Maintenance

Bids will be accepted until 2:00 PM Alaska time on Thursday, April 6, 2023. All bids will be publicly opened on that date. Bid review and notice of award shall occur within 7 days of the bid opening date.

Bid instructions are available from the Yupiit School District and may be requested by calling (907) 825-3600 or by downloading from the Yupiit School District website at (248)(3/15-4/5)

Public Notice

VFW MEMBERSHIP Freedom isn’t free, and millions of Americans have paid the price for the freedom we enjoy today. Since 1899, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has served those who served America. From writing veterans legislation and then leading the fight to get it through Congress, to community projects that benefit all Americans, the VFW is an opportunity for veterans to continue to serve. Contact the VFW Robert V. Lindsey Post #10041 at 543-2241 and ask what you can do for your community. (83)(3/26-cnx)

City of Bethel

Planning Commission

Public Hearing Notice

Purpose: To obtain a Conditional Use Permit for a church to be located in the residential zone and a Variance to reduce the buffer on the east side of the property from 8 feet to 5 feet.

Location: Nacaulleq Street in the Kasayuli Subdivision; Plat 92-23 Block 13 Lot 6

Applicant/Property Owner: Stephen D. Holmes

City of Bethel Contact: phone 907-543-5306/5301 or email: [email protected]

Time & Place: April 13, 202 at 6:30 pm. Public meetings are being held in person at the City Hall Council Chambers located at 300 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway and virtually via Zoom. To join the meeting on Zoom, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the website: User ID: 863 4603 4837 Passcode: 221221


2. Zoom Teleconference: Toll Free (888) 475-4499, (833) 548-0276, (833) 548 0282, (877) 853 5257

Meeting ID: 863 4603 4837  Passcode: 221221 (150)(4/5-12)