For Peace of Mind

by Peter Twitchell

As a Counselor I had to look at relationships with people. There is more to being a couple than meets the eye. When two individuals become (1) one with each other it becomes impossible to live for one’s self.

How many of us have lovers spats, sometimes over nothing but our own misunderstandings and self-centeredness. We make it our business to focus on the other individual’s wrongs when our companion has lack of knowledge as we see it or are challenged with something he/she doesn’t understand such as lack of technological knowledge like how to navigate facebook, just as an example.

Let’s say one of the couple due to his/her lack of knowledge on how to navigate in social media and in their confusion opens a new facebook account and loses all of his or her facebook information and the other companion says, “I don’t know what you are up to or if you are trying to hide things from me.”

An argument erupts and individuals are hurt and emotionally wounded. In this scenario there was no concept of “we”. Instead someone was attacked and singled out.

If we have a relationship with God – He does not ignore our strife because He is a loving God and our Creator. He comes to our aid because He alone doesn’t want us to be devoured by the devil.

It’s the same with a loving couple. The individual with knowledge will come to his or her companion’s aid to help them in their struggle and challenges to help them understand the steps necessary, such as navigating facebook as an example.

We want to help our partners and companions in life to have clearer vision, filled with joy and happiness, and to have harmony in our relationships with each other when we practice the concept of “we” with mindfulness.

Thank you Creator God for opening my eyes and mind for the sake of living humbly for our wives and husbands. Jesus Christ of Nazareth/God transforms our thoughts and our lives if we allow Him to work in our lives.

My Mom Sarah and Grandma Hannah allowed me the benefit of the doubt and instructed me to forgive and apologize for my wrongs for the sake of harmony and peace of mind.