Focus on empowering yourself

by Peter Twitchell

I met Carla Maxwell recently here in Anchorage who told me about her death in a traumatic car/van accident.

She died bewildered, not sure what was going on around her. Her state of mind. She always thought that dying a physical death was scary. No clue, no idea how the end, as the soul goes, would be done.

Immediately she was met by her late grandmother along with the spirit of her grandpa next to her. They blocked her from continuing down the path.

She felt the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth who told her “He created her soul”, and that He created her for His joy. She said it was very simple. Every good deed done here on earth, even changing a child’s diaper, praising God for each new day, feeling assurance that God is near. He wants us to appreciate everything, little and big. Even sins we do, if we stop sinning, is pleasing to God and allows us to shine brighter, because His Spirit lives in each of us.

Jesus told her it was His “pure light” that shines in us. Jesus told her as He embraced her, “My gifts to you, all my children, are yours for the asking. And when you pray open your hands, palms facing up. We open ourselves to His blessings.”

Jesus told her, “Everyday people walk around with clenched hands.” She said, His ways are simple, but He is full of knowledge and wisdom and is very powerful. Jesus turned her around and said, “Focus on empowering yourselves in what I want for you in the book that was written about me. Pray for each member of your family, and express to me your will for each one.”

Jesus told her, “I am the savior of the world, the only doorway to salvation and to get back to our Heavenly Father. My cup runs over, pure light for everyone who asks for it.”