Find your sanctuary

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

This past weekend we went to the State 1A basketball finals in Anchorage. It is the biggest tournament for small schools and teams from all over Alaska are there. It is different from our regional conference tournaments since it is much bigger – but it is the same because you get to see your friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

We enjoy the cheering crowds, the sea of happy fans, and watching our area teams compete. As we cheered for our hometeams, we could not help but feel how proud we were of them – for making the grades and for being healthy and for trying so hard. They played their hearts out.

Many of our dearest friends were there and it was so good to see them. Quyana, it was great to visit and chat with you all and your concern for us was always the first thing you showed. Thank you for always thinking of us and for your constant steadfast prayers.

Where would we be without your intercession on our behalf? I don’t want to know!

We are bereaved, we are in mourning, we are grieving for our loved ones and we always will. Thank you for not letting us do this on our own. Thank you for always being there and for holding us up with your help, your gifts of love and kindness, and for your time.

The worst days are when we are battling fatigue from not getting enough rest or when things don’t work out the way we would like them to. Of course we can expect that to happen sometimes. And sometimes the slightest thing can cause us to break down. Break down means to lose our composure and tears start to flow, which is what we try to avoid doing at all times when we are out and about.

But you know something – we are free to cry when we are in church and it is completely okay. It is a sanctuary where we are surrounded by those who love us and care for us. If you feel weak, we pray that you can find your own sanctuary where you can weather the storm until you are able to face the world again.

Days, weeks, and months have passed since our loved one left her earthly body and we miss her so very much. The pain of missing her and yearning for her and wanting her is so unbearable. Our broken hearts long for her each second of the day and each moment of the night. We are so homesick for the home that we once had when we were all together.

And now all that remains is this, our walk on earth that we must continue to trod. Us and you, we are in this together.

What now must we do? Even in the depths of our despair we have tried hard to keep our bodies strong and healthy and you must do the same. Our bodies are temples and we must be careful to take care of ourselves.

Please pray and think good thoughts for those who are suffering or are in pain from loss or sickness. Quyana for being so thoughtful.