Examine life’s mysteries

by Peter Twitchell

Live life with gusto! Live it to the fullest. Have sober fun with your sober friends doing sober things like finishing Elementary, Jr. High, High School, going to college or Job Corp. Be proactive, read, learn and work.
Go to bed early 8pm and wake up early like the birds of summer and hear the robin sing their morning song. Life is mysterious – examine it and discover its meaning for you.
Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs – it is a waste of time. Life is short and the skies the limit. Reach for the stratosphere of a successful, fulfilling and happy life. You are the creator of your own destiny.
Realize early on God created each one of us and he has a plan laid out and the course our lives will take in our short life span of up to 100 years.
My Grandma Hannah lived to be 104 years old. God tells us to honor our parents so we may live long lives. Our sober Elders found the key to life, let’s copy and follow their example. My Grandma Hannah, without fail, thanked Creator God for each day he gave her. She always thanked God for a new day and for a good night’s rest, and for this “life” you’ve given me to serve you.
See, to her, it was to fear God and serve Him with the life he gave her. The key to a long happy life was to put God first in her life and live her life for Him.
Looking at life in my 68 years in retrospect, Grandma Hannah believed that God put her here for a purpose. First, he made her and put the Holy Spirit in her when He breathed life into her. Therefore, God had a place in her heart and she lived His will, and promises.
John 10:10 “To live our lives more fully and abundantly.” Ecclesiastes 12:4-7 about reverence for God and thanking Him for His daily blessings. In my own experience: “Nothing has ever made sense until I put Jesus Christ of Nazareth FIRST in my personal life, and I believe He has a life plan for each of us.
Grandma Hannah used to sing a song: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey.”