Every good thought

by Peter Twitchell

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wisdom and knows everything, knows what we say, do, think. The Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time. Every wonder where your good thoughts come from? I’m convinced every good thought I have is from the Holy Spirit.

I was amazed when the Holy Spirit revealed to me the power of my mind. The thought came to me in an instant, and it came out of my mouth as the Holy Spirit spoke to my mind.

“Your mind can heal you or destroy you.” I experienced this when I drank for 20 years. I realized then I was headed down a dark path to self-destruction.

It was clear, either quit drinking and replace all the bad thoughts and replace them with beautify that surrounds me.

I opened my mind to the Spirit of Wisdom and the Holy Spirit revealed to me through my Mother first, a voice I could hear. I realized then the Holy Spirit speaks through us, when mom said to me, “Mer’angualanrilu, taangaq caunrituq. Akilluuqurrutnguuq.”

The Holy Spirit directs our Life’s path to the “good way”, “the right way”, complete opposite of the ways of the world. The Holy Spirit made me see that “the Holy Spirit has never left me”, but has been directing me on a good path all my life although I often went my own way.

The Holy Spirit loves us and never abandons us, but the Dark spirit and the worldy attractions often blinds us and we get swallowed up and lose our way off that good path that’s available to us 24/7.

It’s our only way out of the darkness of lost souls.

I came out of the darkness into a world where beauty can be found even in its darkness. I started focusing in the beauty that surrounds me.

The sound of the waterfall, the beautiful mountain ranges, the rustling creek and the water came alive. Like the beautiful sunrise and sunset. In other words the Holy Spirit opened its window to me.

The window to beauty around us, is there for us to open. The sound of a train horn all of a sudden is pure beauty, the radiant beauty of a mountain, a baby’s cry, wild caribou running free, the world is full of loveliness for those who want to see.

Mr. Ray Price left us these words before he left this world. For the Spirt world: “sometimes what can’t be seen, is where real beauty lies.”

It’s available to all of us, and not just a few. Today Oh Lord, I’ll open my mind to you because you promise to open your window to me.