Environmental matters

It becomes an inspiration to put up an opinion or comment on matters that touch or have some influence over the lives that may be affected, if that would particularly involve the vast locality.

Our village was very fortunate to host the 2019 Annual Calista Corporation meeting; it was very well welcomed.

The reports on the growth of the corporation’s operations was very appreciated by those that had the opportunity to hear. Congratulations were well in order.

This growth brings opportunities practically on every level of concerns by those that believe this growth can be a benefit for acceptable causes. Causes that can make meaningful effects can be a variety of issues that can be very beneficial.

One of these important causes should involve a long-term regard to our environment. The environment is one of the most important, bar none, when it will involve the whole locality. The locality that depends upon it to sustain livelihood.

Every community in the region is situated just about along a river and the coastline and these communities depend on what is caught in and along it; fish is what sustains our people.

The environment then becomes the most important and to keep these two sources free from any contamination that may threaten them.

This should be an ever present practice that all should follow and be an unending education to our people and to any group that uses the water ways.

If contamination becomes a problem in the two sources that we depend on for food, then we will have a problem getting it.

Ongoing education should become one of the priorities our regional corporation should focus on. Education that could be provided to our schools, the public in general, and to companies that have an interest in the region.

This does not have to involve town to town visits but education through publications, media, etc.

This was not presented during the comment period near the end of the meeting because information as much as this would not have been brought out.

Billy Lincoln Jr., Toksook Bay, AK

Update on the August 19-22 Community Fire Safety Training

The Rural Fire Protection instructors intend to provide our residents with presentations and services designed to meet the needs of our community.

As we get closer to the training, the Alaska Office of Rural Fire Protection and the Aniak Volunteer Fire Department would like to update the Aniak Community on what activities the training may include.

In addition to required coursework, there will be community sessions on fire-wise at-home actions that we all can use. These will include using fire extinguishers, smoke alarm install/maintenance, fire escape planning, special issues for homes with infants, elders and children, and fire-wise measures to take outside your home.

The instructors will be happy to address any other fire safety issues, including doing private home visits for fire safety.

As part of the Aniak Community Fire Safety Training, the Rural Fire Protection instructors would also like to invite Aniak to partner in the training by participating in the following ways:


By having at least one employee attend some part of the of the Fire Safety Trainings, your business immediately increases your fire safety awareness, and adds one more safety asset to our Community.


The instructors would like to encourage local businesses to invite the class into their buildings to perform an informal walk thru, allowing the students to assess what a volunteer fire department’s priority actions could be, in the event of a fire in those buildings.

Volunteer responders to a fire in a public building would want to know the fuel storage or electrical panel locations, or where all the exits are located, or if there is a water source the fire department could use. This would be an informal walk through, not an official inspection, but it would be an invaluable learning tool for the students.

Please contact the City of Aniak to put your business and employees on the training list, or to suggest additional topics or activities. Your involvement helps the Alaska Office of Rural Fire Protection and the Aniak Volunteer Fire Department to meet our Community’s fire safety needs. Thank you.

City of Aniak, Aniak, Alaska

A letter to Sen. Cathy Giessel, Senate President and Rep. Bryce Edgmon, House Speaker dated July 8th, 2019

Dear Senate President Giessel and House Speaker Edgmon,

The Alaska Federation of Natives is the largest statewide Native organization in Alaska. Our membership includes all 12 regional for-profit corporations, all 12 regional non-profit organizations, 172 village for-profit corporations, and 191 of Alaska’s federally recognized tribes.

Our mission, among other things, is to advance and enhance the political voice of the Alaska Native community on matters of critical importance pending before the Alaska State Legislature.

Last week our Legislative and Litigation Committee, which has delegated authority to act on behalf of our Board of Directors in between regularly scheduled meetings, adopted the enclosed resolution supporting the operating budget the Alaska State Legislature passed last month.

Stated another way, AFN is asking the House and Senate to override Governor’s Dunleavy’s vetoes. Our request has nothing to do with partisan politics, and everything do to with the state’s constitutional responsibilities to its citizens.

Article VII of the Constitution of the State of Alaska obligates the Legislature to provide for the public education (including state university system), public health, and public welfare of Alaskans.

The Legislature generally fulfills this responsibility—and did so last month—by appropriating sufficient funds to administer these (and other essential services) in the state’s annual operating budget.

Regrettably, the Governor’s almost half a billion dollars in vetoes reversed the Legislature’s fulfillment of its Article VII constitutional responsibilities.

AFN strongly supports the operating budget passed by the Legislature on June 10. Please work collaboratively to reexecute your constitutional responsibilities to Alaskans by overriding the Governor’s vetoes by July 12.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of the State of Alaska. Sincerely,

Julie Kitka, President, Alaska Federation of Natives, Anchorage, AK

Example: 9075434113

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