Enjoying God’s Wonders

by Peter Twitchell

When I was a boy I walked in the woods all day sometimes from sun up to sun down. Poor Mom, what I must have put her through. I know in my heart she was praying to Jesus to keep me safe out there. She was a caring mother, I was not neglected.

I know I missed many meals she prepared for me. I was so occupied with running after birds to peer in their nests and watch their chicks with their beaks open waiting for a grub worm for their mother to feed them.

The chick’s eyes weren’t open yet and they were naked and featherless.

I counted four red-headed sparrow chicks in their nest, and the turquoise green eggs of the robins or the teal inside the hollowed out dead tree with it’s turquoise eggs.

I never got lost inside the trees. A hundred yards inside the thicket of alder, cottonwood, and occasional spruce tree. Mom told me numerous times not to enter the trees telling me a bear would eat me. I couldn’t be bothered by that, little did I know I was enjoying God’s wonders and baby rabbits.

I know Jesus has been in my life at the right time, even in those times I wasn’t. It’s time to live our lives as if we have just seen Jesus. I am amazed He has always been there for me at the right moments in my life. Now I want to live my life for Him.

When I was younger I wasn’t listening and attentive to His voice but Jesus never ever gave up on me. He was 24/7 for me. When I look back to my life I could have perished, but He has never given up on me. I am convinced He waited for me to walk with Him.