Election volunteer Guinn honored by City Council

The Bethel City Council recognized and honored Margaret “Tootsie” Guinn for her 40 years of service as an election official during last Tuesday’s regular meeting, and commended her for her grace, professionalism, and dedication.
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tootsie Guinn,” said City Clerk Lori Strickler. “She is a lifeline for me. Always dependable, always there whenever I reach out to her. She has just been an amazing resource for us as an organization. I can’t say enough great things about you Tootsie, thank you for all of your hard work.”
A Proclamation to appreciate and acknowledge Guinn, sponsored by Mayor Fred Watson, was issued and adopted by council.
The proclamation states:
The City’s Election process is highly dependent on the knowledge and hard work of Election Officials, who are the key to a successful election.
Election Officials volunteer over 14 hours on Election Day to help ensure the electoral process is protected with their careful accounting of each ballot and voter.
Each election official deserves recognition for their hard work, but there is one that stands out. Margaret “Tootsie” Guinn has volunteered as an election official for the City and State Elections for 40 years.
The longevity of Tootsie’s volunteerism helps guarantee the knowledge of the election laws and processes are maintained year after year.
Tootsie serves as the Election Chair for Precinct No. 1, located at the Lower Kuskokwim School District Office. As the Chair, she is responsible for the sanctity of this important democratic institution through the management, supervision and education of the election officials.
Year after year, Tootsie has been a dependable resource for our voters. Taking the time to explain the election process with professionalism and grace.
Her dedication and knowledge of election laws help ensure that every voter has an opportunity to cast a meaningful ballot.
“The City of Bethel would like to recognize Tootsie’s dedication to this community and the democratic process and thank her for the time she has given to protect and ensure our right to vote,” states the proclamation which was officially read by Mayor Fred Watson.
“This is very exciting for me. I’ve known the Guinn Family ever since I was a wee baby. It is just awesome that we are able to do this for Tootsie and I’m so pleased to see your family’s here with you,” said Mayor Watson. “Thank you Tootsie and Johnny and family.”