Elders deserve to be treated with respect

Hello out there,

Elders matter. If it wasn’t for Our Elders, most of us wouldn’t be here. They taught you all a lot.

So what do you do for your Elders? Do you check on them? Do you make sure they have the kind of food they grew up with? Do you give them any? Do you take them places the way they took you? Do you dance with them the way they danced with you? Do you hold them the way they held you?

Your Elders need love too, just like you and I need to feel loved. They made you feel loved when you were little. You are supposed to love and help them when they are old.

If they are as old as I am – we were around when there was no running water, when people used mostly wood for heat. Had to go get the wood, ice, water, either by dog sled or snowmachine/truck. Doing things like that, along with subsistence activities, gets to be wear and tear on your body especially if you’re accident prone. That really takes a wear and tear on them.

Our Elders worked very hard to get their retirement benefits. They thought they were doing all that hard work so they wouldn’t have to struggle and worry when they are old.

So tell me, are you one of those ungrateful idiots whom abuse your Elder? Do you steal their money so they can struggle and worry about what they are going to feed themselves, much less their grandchildren? Do you care that you’re hurting them? Does it matter to you that they might not be able to feed your child because you stole their money?

You do what? Go to town, drop your kids off at the Elder’s place, do you bring food for them too? Then you maybe do what? Go buy alcohol and drugs with it? Go on a binge and not give a care in the world? Do you check on them? Or do you ignore them.

What is it? Even if that Elder doesn’t drink you don’t even care. You’re going to go get drunk, then maybe go cause a ruckus. Go make their place smell like crap from your smell. Aukaa-una. Shame on you.

You’re supposed to be willing to freely give them things the way they gave to you. Whether its money, food, hugs, kisses, told I love you, brought on a picnic. Don’t be stealing from them. They don’t deserve that. They deserve to be treated with respect. They way you would like to be treated when you get older.

God bless you all.

Karen Nanouk

Unalakleet, AK

Cost of food items in corrections

I’m writing in agreement with Mr. Meyers and Mr. Kernak, here in YKCC the commissary order forms are limited to $25.00 per week. Today the prices went up. The top ramen noodles are now $0.70, the refried beans are now $2.00. A box of pilot bread crackers is $8.20. For an 8oz. bag of Lays its $6.20, and a bag of Fritos at 9.25oz. is $6.00. These items are limited and the tax on these items are 3%.

Now I’ll take you to the no-limit side of prices that went up. An 8oz. Tasters Choice Instant Coffee is now at $16.00. A 4oz. Maxwell House Coffee is at $5.75. A 3oz. Keefe Decaf Instant is at $4.80. Orange clog sandals are for $20.40.

The complaints we bring up to the Director and the Superintendent every Wednesday (when they come around for inspection) about bringing up the $25.00 limit is certainly being put underneath the rug.

I wanted the world to see a sneak-peek of what we spend for food, coffee, and such items. Now that it is out there I hope something can start be getting done about this.

Greg E. Angaiak

Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center

Bethel, AK

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