by Peter Twitchell

“It’s times like these we need a savior” just popped to mind – the Holy Spirit at work. I do miss our leaders, like Eddie Hoffman, William Lomack, Axel Johnson, Nora Guinn. These great leaders got business done.

They were true leaders in our communities, not “yes” men and women led around by their noses! They got things done, on the books first, then on the tundra.

Once upon a time we had an Eddie Hoffman Sr. Center and Chrissie Shantz Adult Day Care for our elders. These great men and women are gone. So is our senior center and day care in Bethel.

Who are our local leaders today? Our people have been silent for too long. Elderhood used to stand for something in Bethel one time. It seems no one is willing to make a stand for their elders.

You young able bodied men and women step up to the plate. Tomorrow I will be going to an Elders Potluck where elders will gather in their own place and eat with their grandkids and share their culture of Eskimo Dance.