Dyment dominates at Bethel Wrestling Invitational

Claire Dyment of the Bethel Jr. High team battles on the mat against Mason Charles of Akiachak in the semis last Friday. She won the gold medal. Photo by Greg Lincoln

Claire Dyment of the Bethel Lady Warriors Jr. High wrestling team won the gold medal in the 91 lbs. weight division. She defeated Nolan Nicholas of the Gladys Jung Cranes in her first bout, the quarterfinals. In the semifinal round she beat Mason Charles of Akiachak to advance to the championship round against Lincoln Brower of the Interior Youth Grappling Academy.

Brower, the top seed in the bracket, defeated Joachim Trefon of Gladys Jung Elementary, Keaton Ayapan of Kwethluk, and Seth Gilila also of Gladys Jung.

The championship round was exciting, Dyment who chose to wrestle in the boys open bracket, won by fall at 2:46. She helped her team win the 1st place team trophy and was named the Outstanding Wrestler in her event.

Dyment wasn’t the only girl wrestling in the boys division. Maya Iverson of Gladys Jung also participated, winning the bronze medal in the 70 lb. weight class.

169 wrestlers competed in the Elementary/Jr. High category at the Bethel High School Warrior Dome last Thursday through Saturday. Teams from Bethel Jr. High, Gladys Jung Elementary, Interior Youth Grappling Academy, Napaskiak, Scammon Bay, Kwethluk, Avalanche Wrestling Association, Akiachak, Aniak, St. Mary`s, Emmonak, Hooper Bay, Alakanuk, Nunapitchuk, Mountain Village, Kotlik, Nunam Iqua, and Quinhagak participated in the event.

Bethel Wrestling Invitational

Elementary/Jr. High Tournament Results

November 10-12, 2022

Elem/JH – 70

1st Bradley Sherry, IYGA

2nd Hunter Rodriguez, IYGA

3rd Maya Iverson, GJE

4th Jordan Charles, KKI

Elem/JH – 70G

1st Bethany Moses, KWT

2nd Shawnlyn Peter, GJE

3rd Nora Lefferts, GJE

4th Kendyl Kaiser, GJE

Elem/JH – 77

1st Bradley Chaney, PKA

2nd Teil McIntyre, GJE

3rd Travis Andrew, PKA

4th Taylor Nicholai, PKA

Elem/JH – 77G

1st Rose Rivers, GJE

2nd Leighton Riley-Alexie, PKA

3rd CIkigaq Leopold, KWT

Elem/JH – 84

1st Mick Dobbs, IYGA

2nd Cole Iverson, BET Jr. High

3rd Greyson Reuter, IYGA

4th Aidan Crow, BET Jr. High

Elem/JH – 84G

1st Kamryn Hoffman, GJE

2nd Rebecca Jackson, KWT

3rd Ava Allain, GJE

4th Starlynn Charles, KKI

Elem/JH – 91

1st Claire Dyment, BET Jr. High

2nd Lincoln Brower, IYGA

3rd Seth Gilila, GJE

4th Mason Charles, KKI

Elem/JH – 91G

1st Kathlyn Akerelrea, SCM

2nd Alisha Nicholai, PKA

3rd Driel O`Brien, GJE

4th Ashlynn Charles, GJE

Elem/JH – 98

1st Christian Chandler, SCM

2nd Dwayne Maxie, KWT

3rd Maximos Lonewolf, BET Jr. High

4th Jackson Sipary, PKA

Elem/JH – 98G

1st Sasha Charlie, SCM

2nd Saige Wheeler, GJE

3rd Rebekah Carmichael, PKA

4th Jackalyn Phillips, GJE

Elem/JH – 105

1st Ralph Steeves, ANI

2nd Dylan Frawner, AVA

3rd Steven Butte, BET Jr. High

4th Kade Latham, GJE

Elem/JH – 105G

1st Emilyn Herron, GJE

2nd Gabriella Sanbei, BET Jr. High

3rd Mary Evon, BET Jr. High

4th Payton White, SCM

Elem/JH – 110

1st Toby Sundown, SCM

2nd Brandon Ayapan, BET Jr. High

3rd Julian Nicholai, NUP

4th Chance Riley-Alexie, PKA

Elem/JH – 110G

1st Kiauna O`Brien, GJE

2nd Sarah Murphy, ANI

3rd Keianne Droane, AUK

4th Lauriana Berlin, KWT

5th Maudrey Kernak, GJE

Elem/JH – 114

1st Quenten Halverson, IYGA

2nd Ben Dunlap, AVA

3rd Julian Williams, PKA

4th David Anaver, SCM

Elem/JH – 114G

1st Andrea Westdahl, KSM

2nd Agnes Paul, PKA

3rd Isabelle Kerr, BET Jr. High

4th Ayla Kaganak, SCM

Elem/JH – 118

1st Jacob Morris, AVA

2nd Jaden Lamont, Emmonak

3rd Connar Snyder, KKI

4th Tyrone Joe, KSM

Elem/JH – 118G

1st Michaela Spencer, IYGA

2nd Rachael Thomas, BET Jr. High

3rd Palassa Fitka, AUK

4th Mia Pavila, KWT

Elem/JH – 122

1st Xavier Redfox, Emmonak

2nd Guy Mochin, BET Jr. High

Elem/JH – 122G

1st Adalyn Samuelson, PKA

2nd Stephana Larson, PKA

3rd Peyton Ayapan, KWT

4th Annie Jacob, PKA

Elem/JH – 132

1st Gabriel Reuter, IYGA

2nd Jackson Iverson, BET Jr. High

3rd Micah George, KKI

4th Jacob Littlefish, BET Jr. High

Elem/JH – 132G

1st Ashlynn Lonewolf, BET Jr. High

2nd Maisyn Westdahl, KSM

3rd Ariana Bell, Hooper Bay

4th Forfeit Forfeit, Unattached

4th Staci Hunt, Kotlik

Elem/JH – 140

1st Ethan Wheeler, BET Jr. High

2nd Wally Evans, IYGA

3rd Elias Komulainen, BET Jr. High

4th Devon Chaney, BET Jr. High

Elem/JH – 140G

1st Kaitlyn Wade, BET Jr. High

2nd Amelia Bayer, BET Jr. High

3rd Riley Boney, BET Jr. High

4th Isabella Fitka, GJE

5th Annaliese Kamuck, KSM

Elem/JH – 148

1st Hayden Reuter, IYGA

2nd Kemuel Latham, BET Jr. High

3rd Anderson Gill, GJE

Elem/JH – 148G

1st Danielle Joekay, PKA

2nd Tieran Ignatius, Nunam Iqua

3rd Jaslene Williams, BET Jr. High

Elem/JH – 160

1st Mohammed Konteh, ANI

2nd Warren Ramoth, SCM

3rd Dylan Journey, KSM

Elem/JH – 174G

1st Jerzie Thompson, GJE

Elem/JH – 210

1st Mason Foster, IYGA

2nd Chase Agwiak, Mountain Village

3rd Xavier Andrews, Mountain Village

4th William Alstrom, KSM

Elem/JH – 275

1st Craig Waska, Emmonak

Team Results

1 Bethel Jr. High, 227.0; 2 Gladys Jung Elementary, 190.5; 3 Interior Youth Grappling Academy, 182.5; 4 Napaskiak, 134.5; 5 Scammon Bay, 115.0; 6 Kwethluk, 79.0; 7 Avalanche Wrestling Association, 59.5; 8 Akiachak, 58.0; 9 Aniak, 50.0; 10 St. Mary`s, 44.0; 11 Emmonak, 36.0; 12 Hooper Bay, 18.0; 13 Alakanuk, 16.0; 14 Nunapitchuk, 16.0; 15 Mountain Village, 14.0; 16 Kotlik, 8.0; 17 Nunam Iqua, 4.0; 18 Quinhagak, 0.0.

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