Don’t procrastinate

by Peter Twitchell

When work and job opportunity comes knocking don’t ignore it. Only you can reach your full potential. As summer is quickly approaching, start planning on what kind of work you’d like to do. Explore all possibilities to get yourself in the job market.
Every summer fish processing comes to mind. When I finished high school I talked to some of the guys from Nunapitchuk who had been going to canneries back then like Peter Pan, Pacific Alaska Fisheries Land fish processors.
I ended up in Dillingham. I had never worked in a cannery before, but I thought if I went to the offices of P.A.F. before the fishing season started my chances of landing a job working at a cannery were almost 100% possible.
I was young and marketable. Jerry Sumi put in a good word for me and I was hired immediately. I was assigned a bunk at the bunk house and told to get knee high boots, raingear, and the P.A.F. Company took the cost out of my salary at the end of the salmon season.
To my understanding these essentials for processing fish are provided for you at no cost to you once a work agreement is reached between you and the sea or on land fish processor. I understand your travel to and from the cannery site is also taken care of.
At any cost working, pay is good starting at $11.25/hr. and about ($700) seven hundred dollars more for overtime. Don’t procrastinate. Go to “”. The more experience you’ve acquired the better the pay on shore processing plant and probably more if you work at sea. Possibilities are there for the taking.
Have a great summer. I remember reading that Hilary Rodham Clinton earned her keep early on working at a cannery. Have a great summer and fishing season.