Department of Law will review Dunleavy recall application

September 5, 2019: Following the routine practice for recall applications, the Department of Law today received a request from the Division of Elections to conduct a legal review of the recall application for the recall of Governor Michael Dunleavy. The department will focus on whether the recall application includes sufficient grounds for recall under AS 15.45.510. The grounds for recall are (1) lack of fitness, (2) incompetence, (3) neglect of duties, and (4) corruption. The department will complete its review within 60 days.

“I see no need to treat this application any differently than other election applications,” said Attorney General Kevin G. Clarkson. “I am here to provide legal advice and defend and uphold the state and federal constitutions. The Department of Law will advise the Division of Elections in the same manner it would any other recall. And 60 days will give us adequate time to do a thorough legal review and provide our legal recommendation to the director.”