CVRF kicks off $1.5 million People Propel® Program

Carlotta Evan of Tuntutuliak appreciates the People Propel program that CVRF offers that helps her to gather subsistence foods for her family. Photo courtesy of CVRF

by CVRF Staff

Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) kicked off the tenth round of its popular People Propel® program this past month following the Board of Directors’ approval of the $1.5 million budget for this year’s program.

Since opening on March 15th, 120 applicants have been approved for the tenth round of People Propel®, leaving roughly $1 million left in the program’s budget for the remainder of the year.

The application period will close when the budget has been expended. Residents can apply at

The People Propel® program helps residents of CVRF communities purchase equipment at a significant discount by developing vendor relationships that help residents get competitive prices and subsidizing 30 percent of the total purchase cost.

Since the program was first introduced in 2013, CVRF’s People Propel® program has helped 2,577 people purchase $22.8 million worth of boats, motors, ATVs, snow machines, fishing and safety gear, heating systems, small buildings, appliances, and other approved items.

“Since the program first started, the product list has grown from boats, motors, fishing and safety gear to other products that are essential to people in our communities,” said CVRF Program Coordinator, Florence Kargi. “They are the ones who continue a traditional lifestyle by gathering food from the land in a more safe and efficient way. This program is more than just a subsidy, it really does help the people in our communities.”

Each year CVRF works with over 50 vendors and helps connect applicants with dealerships offering competitive prices, saving residents money and supporting economic activity in the region.

“People Propel® has helped me save money and I am thankful for the motor, net, boat and four-wheeler I was able to purchase through the program,” said Carlotta Evan of Tuntutuliak. “People Propel® is very helpful, not only financially, but also for subsistence. The items I purchased through this program have helped gather subsistence food for my family.”

For more information about the People Propel® program, residents can visit or call the People Propel® hotline at 1-888-983-7155.