CVRF invests $1.5 million for 2020 People Propel® Program

by CVRF Staff

Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) announced July 24, 2020 it will invest $1.5 million in its 11th round of the People Propel® program, which helps residents purchase equipment and products critical to maintaining an independent lifestyle in CVRF’s communities. Through this program, CVRF provides a 30% down payment assistance on dealer sales prices, funded through CVRF’s fishing operations in the Bering Sea. On March 23rd, CVRF published their 2020 equipment and product catalog, which outlines eligible vendors and products.

“Coastal Villages Region Fund is proud to support our residents in staying healthy and productive while keeping with traditional coastal village lifestyles,” said CVRF Board Member, Evan S. Evan of Goodnews Bay. “People Propel® directly facilitates the independent Alaskan way of life, enabling our community to continue subsistence fishing, hunting and other vital activities such as traveling between villages or keeping equipment safe and protected from extreme weather conditions.”

Since the program’s inception in 2013, CVRF has helped more than 3,300 residents purchase $29 million worth of equipment, including boats, motors, ATVs, snow-machines, safety equipment, Toyo stoves, other appliances and small buildings.

For many residents, the People Propel® program means peace of mind. “Without the program, I would never have thought to buy a trailer for my boat,” said lifelong Toksook Bay resident Charlene Bosco. “Now, my husband and I can attach the boat to our truck using the trailer and bring the boat home with us each night instead of leaving it at the beach, where it would be vulnerable to the elements. We save time and fuel by no longer needing to travel back and forth from the beach to check on the boat.” Charlene directly credits her successful hunting trips to the boat trailer she was able to purchase through the People Propel® program.

CVRF’s People Propel® program is intended to support CVRF’s member communities purchase essential equipment and products that otherwise would not be affordable. CVRF’s 2020 equipment and product catalog outlines over 50 examples of qualifying products and vendors, including but not limited to, certain vehicles and their parts such as the equipment Charlene uses for her hunting trips. Eligible purchases are not limited to the vendors or products outlined in the catalog.

For more information about applying to the People Propel® program, please visit