CVRF distributes Elder Program Benefits during Holiday Season

by CVRF Staff

Each year, Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) distributes benefits to the region as part of its longstanding Elder Program.

Across CVRF’s 20 member communities, 667 elders are receiving $325,000 in benefits, as authorized by the CVRF Board as part of its yearly budgeting process. To be eligible for participation in the CVRF Elder Program, verified residents of the CVRF region must be aged 65 or older by December 31, 2016.

“The Elder program provides benefits to our local Elders and recognizes that their voices and needs are important,” said Deloras Lozano, Community Service Manager for CVRF. “We are here to listen to their ideas and provide benefits that meet their needs. I’m thankful to CVRF and the many people in our communities who support our Elders.”

This year, qualifying elders in the CVRF region were given three options for participating in the Elder Program:

1. Arctic Bay Parkas – premium duck down, coyote fur ruff, beaver fur beard guard, and waterproof/breathable shell

2. Heating oil – two custom made drums, each holding 30 gallons of heating oil

3. Meat package – 115 pounds of assorted meat from Costco, including spiral ham, breakfast links, chicken thighs, chicken breast, pork loin, beef chuck roll, ground beef, pork shoulder, fresh pork chops, pork belly, beef ox tail, and stir fry veggies

Delivery of meat packages began on Thursday, December 15th. Parkas will be arriving in CVRF communities this week. Heating oil drums are being shipped to communities and will be delivered to elders’ homes in early January.

For more information about the CVRF Elder Program, please contact Nathaniel Betz at (907) 278-5151.

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