CVRF distributes $400,000 in Elder Program Benefits during Jan & Feb

Each winter, Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) distributes benefits to the region as part of its longstanding Elder Program.
Last year, the Elder Program distributed approximately $325,000 in benefits to 667 elders across the CVRF region. This year’s program has grown, with a $400,000 budget, and 680 elders set to receive benefits during January and early February. The CVRF board of directors approved an increased budget for 2017 based on the continued success and importance of the program and the growing population of the CVRF region.
Last year, qualifying elders chose between three options – a premium Arctic Bay parka, heating oil, or an assorted meat pack from Costco. This year, elders who participate in the program will receive 55 gallons of heating oil and 60 pounds of meat.
“As we were preparing for the Elder Program this year, elders expressed how happy they are for CVRF and the benefits they receive from the organization. The benefits came at a critical time for our elders, as cold temperatures arrived, increasing the cost of living in our communities,” said Dayna Nash, Community Service Representative for Coastal Villages in Chevak. “The Elder Program benefits our communities because it supports an important generation of our people who hold relationships, knowledge, and experience that are extremely valuable to our region and our younger generations.”
To be eligible for participation in the 2017 CVRF Elder Program, verified residents of the CVRF region must be aged 65 or older by December 31, 2017. Delivery of heating oil and meat packages began during the week of January 15th and will continue until all qualifying elders have received the benefit.
“I am very grateful for CVRF for helping out communities in their time of need, especially the recent program for elders,” said Maria Oaks of Hooper Bay. “I have never seen a company like CVRF in my time of living”.