Crucial services

by Peter Twitchell

December 30, 2016 was the last day I worked a fulltime job in Bethel, Alaska after receiving notice that my employer Akeela, Inc. was going to cease contracting their substance abuse treatment program in several correctional facilities across the State and Bethel was one of them.

About a year later I heard that the State had made a grave mistake when they stopped funding the programs they did. That’s history. The State has been shortsighted before in 2005, when the Governor defunded alcohol treatment programs within correctional institutions and halfway houses.

In all my years working I never once imagined that one day the world economy would come to an abrupt halt, crippled by a pandemic of such proportion as the COVID-19 virus.

Services were hit hard, all of a sudden human service people weren’t in their offices raising thoughts of doubtfulness that a person was going to be present to help you in crucial moments. We went from a pandemic crisis to a doubtful crisis of ever getting help for our individual needs being met. Getting our problems solved seemed hopeless.

We began seeing our government as being unreliable and the seed of uncertainty grew.

I want to recognize an individual in Bethel, Alaska and that person is Nelson Davies of the Bethel Legislative Office who for many years has been there to help the people of the Bethel Area. Our gratitude for a job well done, Mr. Davies. Thank you.