Counseling can help recovering individuals

by Peter Twitchell

I worked as a substance abuse counselor and my last two years at YKCC I was the Psych Ed Coordinator. Jesus of Nazareth put me in that position for His purpose. I had 21 male inmates 4 days a week and 1 day with the female population.

One morning I noticed that we had one extra chair in our classroom which was outside the facility beside the outdoor recreation area. Before I said a prayer asking the Creator God for guidance, I told the men, see this chair next to me? It looks empty, but I want you to know that Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth is with us this morning and He is sitting here now.

While I was praying a strong scent of roses was in the room. It was just there as if someone came into our classroom with fresh roses. It was early spring in April so there was no green on the ground outside.

I thanked the Almighty God for His presence that morning and every day we were gathered. I asked the men when we were praying did you smell the strong scent of roses? Some said “yes”, others were quiet.

I would encourage anyone who wants to work in the human service field to pursue substance/chemical abuse counseling. Especially if you are a recovering individual who has been sober 2 years. You’d be a shoe in to work in the field.

When I say recovering, you were a user and quit drinking/drugging. It would be difficult if an individual never had an addiction to try to help an addict.

If you were an addict in your past you were there right in the middle of dysfunction that goes hand in hand with chemical/alcohol addiction.

I went to church here in Wasilla a couple Sundays ago where the young preacher had been a homeless man drinking and drugging. His message touched me inside because at one time I was where he was at. He was believable and I know God chose to use him for reaching those who needed the most help.

He said I am one of you and you can change.