by Peter Twitchell

When we were boys in the EARLY DAYS before modern media like we know it today, we were living in a world that covered an area as far as the eye could see, beyond that was a mystery.

If a person saw something on the horizon and walked toward it, you never reached it. And, if you did the horizon was never ending. One could walk all day, all week, all year, but never come to the end of the horizon.

For one thing, you learned very quickly the world wasn’t flat.

At first it was confusing, it was a mistaken idea. As a boy it was beyond my understanding. It was like, a beautiful sunset, you could say “I walked and walked, but I never reached it.”

Then somebody said, “At the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold.” We never found that pot of gold.

At best mind boggling when you think of the English Language it can be weird, sometimes words that were made up to describe a race of people – what is that? To me it meant to run fast, like at the 4th of July in Bethel when Earl Polk always came in first place when they ran from the KVNA Building to the PHS Compound and back again and Manny Konig came in a close second.

Come to find out about the 5th grade that the word “race” also meant a group of people, like “Eskimoes”. The confusion never ended for me.