Coastal Conference has new champions

by Greg Lincoln

Chefornak Lady Shaman Naomi Wassillie twisted an ankle during the championship game with the Toksook Bay Islanders but was able to continue on to the finish. photo by Greg Lincoln

The 33rd Annual 1A Coastal Conference Basketball Tournament has come to a close after an exciting weekend of basketball action. Our 1A teams displayed sportsmanship and discipline in the midst of extreme pressure in the loudest gym in Alaska. Good job to all our student-athletes, you make us all so very proud!

Here are the results from the Coastal Conference 1A tournament held in Bethel this past weekend. Quyana to Sharon Wegner and to all the many volunteers who made this possible. The impact of this tournament is immense!

1A Coastal Conference Basketball Tournament Results


First Place Girls: Chefornak Lady Shamans

Haley Abraham, Jillian Agimuk, Stella Abraham, Dion Panruk, Naomi Wassillie, Nikki Erik, and Albertina Tunuchuk, Coach Eva Panruk and Assistant Coach Robert Panruk

Second Place Girls: Toksook Bay Islanders

Nikki Julius, Catherine Lincoln, Serena Simons, Shalee Chagluak, Tracy Fairbanks, Kaylee Lincoln, Sammie Pitka, Summer Cartier, Courtney Lincoln, Crystal Moses, Precious Tuluk, Rosemary Henry, Coach Frank Pitka, and Assistant Coach Nellie Charles

Girls Sportsmanship Award: Tuntutuliak Lady Bluejays

Sophie David, Trisha Frank, Elena Gilila, Rae Charlie, Leanne Joseph, Hailey Olick, Myra Enoch, Michelle Evan, Michelle Frank, and Coach Nick David.

Girls Highest GPA Award: 3.65 Chefornak Lady Shamans

Girls Free Throw Contest

1st: Haley Abraham, Chefornak

2nd: Hailey Olick, Tuntutuliak

Girls Hot Shot Contest

1st: Jillian Agimuk, Chefornak

2nd: Marilyn Fairbanks, Newtok

All Tournament Girls Team

Anna Alexie – Atmautluak, Sophie David – Tuntutuliak, Naomi Wassillie – Chefornak, Anna Kashatok – Kipnuk, Nicolette Larson – Napaskiak, Marilyn Fairbanks – Newtok, Precious Tuluk – Toksook Bay, Trisha Frank – Tuntutuliak, Trinsten Dock – Kipnuk, Nellie Andy – Newtok, Jillian Agimuk – Chefornak, and Keisha Demientieff – Akiuk.


First Place Boys: Chefornak Shamans

Michael Abraham, Dawson Erik, Lambert Kairaiuak II, Aaron Panruk, Troy Panruk, Matthew Erik, Clayton Panruk, Michael Flynn, Henry Kanuk, David Erik, Matthew Panruk II, Hansen Wiseman, Coach Robert Panruk, and Assistant Coach Eva Panruk.

Second Place Boys: Toksook Bay Islanders

Wilson Pitka, Jason Nelson, Jon Tuluk, Michael Chakuchin, Nolan Charles, Abraham Julius, Aunatone Sipary, Avery Tulik, Colton Angaiak, Asa Pitka, Dawson Angaiak, Aiden Sipary, Coach Chad Martin, and Assistant Coach Noah Lincoln.

Boys Sportsmanship Award: Kipnuk Falcons

Harberg Paul, Sherwin Slim, Tristan Anaver, Chase Martin, Logan Paul, Tony Paul, Rodney Smith, Russell John, Isaiah Paul, Justin White, Rex Fox Jr., Kayden Handley, Coach Benjamin Farber, and Assistant Coach Adolph Paul.

Boys Highest GPA Award: 3.41 Nunapitchuk Wolves

Jaden Andrew, Brandon Nicholai, Cody Benn, Aiden Nicholai, Nicholas Andrew, Sinka Enoch, Micah Frye, William Pavilla, Caden Samuelson, Devonte Sallison, Brevan Mochin, Garrett Nicholai, Coach Wassillie Frank, and Assistant Coach Moses Egoak.

Boys Free Throw Contest

1st: Logan Paul, Kipnuk

2nd: Lambert Kairaiuak II, Chefornak

Boys Hot Shot

1st: Tristan Anaver, Kipnuk

2nd: Peter Small, Quinhagak

All Tournament Boys Team

Weston Andrew – Napaskiak, Abraham Julius – Toksook Bay, Tony Paul – Kipnuk, Dawson Erik – Chefornak, Preston Alexie – Quinhagak, Ethan Black – Kongiganak, Aaron Panruk – Chefornak, Aaron Williams – Napaskiak, Wilson Pitka – Toksook Bay, Brandon Nicholai – Nunapitchuk