Christmas greetings

by Greg Lincoln

photo by Greg Lincoln

The refreshing of the changing seasons, the holidays, and the continuation of time and the traditions that go with it brings us something that feels like a sense of peace and rest.

We love how the holidays have a way of bringing everyone together. School children are on break making the neighborhood busy with activity, grown children away at college come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we make a fuss over them and surround them with all the comforts of home that their hearts so eagerly desire, relatives gather for epic feasts, and it is a time to relax and do the things that we love, such as playing in local ball tournaments.

Events such as the annual Lighting of the Tree, and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza, and the Christmas church and school pageants and special services are events to look forward to. Something about being around your friends and loved ones makes you feel safe. There’s safety in numbers.

The greatest feeling is waking up and then remembering that you’re on holiday. You can do all the things you want to do, clean up, finish up those projects that have been waiting forever, cook and bake, eat with and visit with your friends, and even go on a vacation. We’re in holiday mode.

Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacations.

Christmas also brings greetings from friends far and near. Finding those festively-colored envelopes in the mail makes going to the post office worth the time and effort because you know that someone is thinking of you and they took the time to send a card. A card that you can hold in your hand that was held by the person who sent it to you. It makes you feel connected.

And the scenes on those cards brings back all those memories of the Christmases from over the years. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, and nostalgia makes you feel sentimental and you remember things that you may have forgotten.

We wish you all the best Christmas ever with epic feasts, legendary family gatherings, long busy days, restful nights, and prayers for safety and protection. Thank you all.