Christmas brings families together

by Peter Twitchell

Christmas in the 1950s was a special time in Bethel. Students were getting ready for Christmas by making rings out of cray paper. Mrs. Fancher helped us cut strips of colored paper into 1 inch strands 5 inches long and using paper glue to make 8-10 foot loops glued together like chains to wrap around the Christmas trees.

These we brought home to decorate our spruce trees that dad cut down and used 2×4 braces to stand the tree upright in the living room. Some were put inside kerosene or blazo rectangle 5 gallon cans filled with water to keep the tree from drying out.

Mom popped popcorn in the skillet and we strung the popped kernel corn with a sewing needle and heavy thread.

I helped put the tinsel on the tree branches and mom put the old fashioned ornaments all around the Christmas tree. She placed an angel on the tree top. It was a fun time, a family project we all worked at.

I’m touched by those moments in my memory because today’s store bought trees are synthetic already decorated. We are consumed by time that often is filled with multiple things to do to keep up with the “Jones’” and other distractions cutting into family time.

It is wonderful when we can bake cookies as a family today. It takes scheduling and planning. Christmas brings families together.

Happy Holidays with Peace and Joy to all!