Chevak hosts Invitational Wrestling tourney

The Chevak Comets at Kashunamiut High School hosted an invitational wrestling tournament this past weekend. Teams from Emmonak, Hooper Bay, Kotlik, Mountain Village, Scammon Bay, and St. Mary’s joined the Comets host team for the event. Both girls and boys teams participated. Below are the results.

Chevak Invitational Results

October 22-23, 2021

HS Girls Results

HS Girls -103 & 112

1st Angelina Chiklak, Chevak

2nd Ashley Tinker, St. Mary`s

3rd Ariana Lake, Hooper Bay

4th Glenda Afcan, St. Mary`s

5th Benise Tinker, Hooper Bay

HS Girls – 125

1st Michele Andrews, St. Mary`s

2nd Kilee Fratis, Emmonak

3rd Flora Naunk, Scammon Bay

4th Mariah Nash, Chevak

HS Girls – 135

1st April Uttereyuk, Scammon Bay

2nd Mildred Tinker, St. Mary`s

3rd Henrietta Kelly, St. Mary`s

4th Diamond Kinegak, St. Mary`s

5th Sandra Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

HS Girls – 145

1st Kaylee Simon, Scammon Bay

2nd Kirsten Prince, Kotlik

3rd Patri Patrick, Chevak

HS Girls – 235

1st Tawny Redfox, Emmonak

HS Boys Results

HS Boys – 112

1st Ayagarak Bill, Mt. Village

2nd Dominic Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

3rd Truth O`Brion, Hooper Bay

HS Boys – 125

1st Kaden Tangiegak, Chevak

2nd August Seton, Hooper Bay

3rd Mitchell Hunt, Kotlik

HS Boys – 130

1st Ace Hill, Chevak

2nd Keegan Tangiegak, Chevak

3rd Tyrone Aketachunak, Kotlik

HS Boys – 135

1st Cassius Sundown, Scammon Bay

2nd Peter Tuluk, Chevak

3rd Justin Atchak, Chevak

4th Logan Moore, Emmonak

5th Dante Nukusuk, Hooper Bay

6th Montel Bell, Hooper Bay

HS Boys – 140

1st Nafre Bagongon, Emmonak

2nd Skye Chayalkun, Chevak

3rd Awesome Ulroan, Chevak

4th Derrell Andrews, Emmonak

HS Boys – 145

1st John Pingayak, Chevak

2nd Brendon Crane, Emmonak

3rd Mitchell Kaganak, Scammon Bay

4th Matthew Andrews, Mt. Village

HS Boys – 152

1st Willie Long, St. Mary`s

2nd Bryce Jones-Long, Mt. Village

3rd Stewie Sundown, Scammon Bay

4th Dawsen Joe, St. Mary`s

HS Boys – 160

1st Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay

2nd Maurice Slats, Chevak

3rd Avron Atchak, Chevak

4th Uriah Tonuchuk, Kotlik

HS Boys – 189

1st David Beans, St. Mary`s

2nd Cameron Tai, St. Mary`s

3rd Antwon Buster, Kotlik

HS Boys – 215

1st Keanu Tangiegak, Chevak

2nd Thomas Smith, Hooper Bay

HS Boys – 285

1st Ethan Alstrom, St. Mary`s

2nd Jeffery Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay