Changing Times

by Peter Twitchell

Today we are inundated with with extreme weather conditions. When I went to Southern Lake Tahoe in July, fires were raging in California and the smell of fire was in the air.

I felt fortunate that at the time I saw a pristine beautiful lake with cold, clear water and 40 foot pine trees all around with large cones in their natural state. And there were such beautiful houses all around.

I prayed that the California fires had spared that region. Later I heard the fire was a threat in Southern California and thank God he allowed me to see this beauty of His creation. I was also happy to be in a place my youngest son Danny loves to spend his weekends canoeing around Lake Tahoe. It is a huge lake and he spent his time with his family on his weekends off.

I hoped when fires burn beautiful landscape that the destruction the fire caused to people and property and loss of precious human life in some incidences, wouldn’t leave a permanent scar that could never heal. We know the scars that we get from life in this dark world could never be forgotten or heal completely unless we worked at it.

As a humanity we have gained so much resilience to hard times in decades of war to sacrifice. We bore our losses of loved ones and now the loss of loved ones to the COVID virus. Some people refuse to get a vaccine for COVID believing that their body can develop antibodies to fight the virus off but as we know it’s been a losing battle. Many have succumbed to the deadly virus, it’s a gamble. Some people take considerable chance to believe that they can become immune to the deadly COVID virus.

We also live now in the noisy world filled with storms, tornadoes, high winds, floods, earthquakes, and even the taking of innocent lives because of anger for whatever reason. Maybe someone cut them off on the highway or got in the way. Mass murders – we hear about them daily on the local, state, national and international news. What has humanity come to? I ask myself.

I think we as a human race have turned away from Creator God. I think that’s where the bulk of our problem lies, we have been told as children that God is love.

Where there is taking of life it’s not what we were taught by our elders. Hatred is not an option. Our ancient wise ones are becoming few and no one is willing to take their place or teach our youth by deed and action this precious value of the ages.

Lord God we pray for strength to take up our cross and begin following you. In the Almighty Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth we pray, hear our prayer and change the mind of humanity. Amen.