Change to Bethel Address Sign requirements

On September 11, 2018, the Bethel City Council adopted Ordinance #18-21. This ordinance specifies new requirements for address signs. This ordinance becomes effective December 11, 2018. This ordinance aims to improve the visibility of address numbers in emergencies, especially at night.

All Bethel Homes and Businesses are required to have retro-reflective address numbers affixed at a location plainly visible from the public way (road).

Numbers must be a minimum of four inches in height and be affixed to a contrasting background. The Bethel Fire, Planning and Police departments recommend numbers be affixed to a reflective contrasting plaque.

Homes or businesses that are not visible from the road must have reflective numbers mounted on a post or monument at the access to the property from the road.

Businesses, large campuses or other large developments should see the Planning and Fire departments for additional requirements in Alaska Fire code.

There is a $30 fine for non-compliance. Copies of the approved ordinance can be found on the web at

Address signs can be ordered through the Bethel Volunteer Emergency Services Association (BVESA) at the Bethel Fire Station Monday through Saturday 9 A.M. 6 P.M. or by calling 543-2131. Address signs are $25 each including tax.

Signs may be ordered from any vendor that provides 4-inch retro reflective numbers.

BVESA has donations for families that need assistance in obtaining address signs. Case by case judgment will determine if families qualify for assistance in purchasing of address signs.