Cast your vote this election

by Peter Twitchell

Local, State, and National Elections are important and they matter, by allowing us the “voice,” at the election booth. If you do not vote then you do not have a voice. Some people grumble about our choices and who gets elected to a seat or which referendums pass in our local, state and national governments.

It is important that each one of us votes in every election, otherwise we forfeit the opportunity to make a difference where it really matters.

Our votes count, I can vouch for this. It is true that we make a difference in the results of the elections, case in point. I voted for myself to the Bethel City Council Election in the fall of 1977. I was declared the winner to the Bethel City Council seat for a two (2) year term, by just ONE vote (mine). If I hadn’t voted, I would not have had the privilege of serving my community on the Bethel City Council, two more terms after that.

Your vote makes a difference, don’t take this privilege to serve your community for granted. You have the opportunity to be the voice of your people. Do not assume the other person will cast a vote for you. If you don’t vote and you’re not pleased with the election results, it’s nobody’s fault but your own, you have to live with it.

Please register to vote if you haven’t already, and if you are a registered voter, go out and cast your vote. If you are registered to vote and disabled, you can still vote by contacting your precinct on election day, by an individual of your choice. No one can stop you from voting if you are registered to vote. This is democracy in action. Good Luck, and remember your vote counts.