Camai Dance Festival Planning Meeting

Our next planning meeting will be on Tuesday, November 26th at 7PM in Room 118 at Kuskokwim Campus. These meetings only last an hour. Camai Dance Festival is a grassroots event: community and volunteer driven. It belongs to Bethel. Everyone is invited to attend these meetings.

Nicholai Joekay, Bethel, AK

Advances amust stop

I am always amused partially and curious how the city council of the largest and biggest village in the YK Delta never and do not get stipends or compensated for all their work. That many times they’re burdened with work for the public, and many times affects the many villages or cities in the large YK Delta.

And they are elected in the ever-growing hub of all the cities in this large Delta.

Whereas here in Chevak, a much smaller village, the elected public city council members get payments for each public meeting they have – special or regular council meetings.

It’s very expensive to have an elected councilman in Chevak. They receive $100.00 for each meeting, even as with the elected Mayor. The Mayor gets paid $1,000.00 a month for being a mayor. Then another payment for attending the meetings.

And many many times the council members get advance pays when they need the extra money, from the future meetings that haven’t happened yet.

It is the same with the Mayor. Mayor directs the clerk to give him advance payments from the coming month’s payments, which very much borders on conflict of interest and malfeasance. The employees are the only ones who can get advance, if there’s enough funds or time as per policy. And the employees are prohibited by the Mayor not to criticize the council as condition of employment.

The City of Chevak has a City Clerk, Administrative Assistants, City Administrator/Manager, and other administrative aides. And the City employees as a condition of employment are also prohibited from complaining about the publicly-elected council members or the Mayor. Advances for Mayor and council members must stop.

Thank you.

Frank P. Chayalkun, Chevak, AK

Alaska Tribal Public Safety Empowerment Act

Senator Murkowski needs your support for senate bill 2616, the Alaska Tribal Public Safety Empowerment Act, which will establish a new pilot program in Alaska where tribes or inter-tribal organizations can exercise general civil jurisdiction and certain criminal jurisdiction over all community members in a village.

Crimes include domestic violence, dating violence, violation of protective order, sexual violence, stalking, sex trafficking, obstruction of justice, assault of law enforcement or correctional officer, any crime against a child, and crime involving illegal possession, transportation or sale of alcohol or drugs.

Letters can be sent to Senator Murkowski via [email protected]

If you have questions regarding the bill, please contact:

Lloyd Miller:: [email protected]
Natasha Singh:: [email protected]
Joy Anderson:: [email protected]
Alaska Tribal Unity, Fairbanks, AK

Statement on Nomination to Fill HD 25 Vacancy

I would like to thank Governor Dunleavy for the confidence he has placed in me by appointing me to serve as State Representative for House District 25. I would also like to thank the other folks who put their names forward. It takes a lot of guts. They’re great folks, well qualified, and I consider them my friends. As a 30 (year) resident of Abbott Loop, it would be the honor of a lifetime to serve my neighbors and this great state as a Representative. I look forward to meeting with the House Republicans to discuss my confirmation. I’m also looking forward to meeting and working on behalf of all my neighbors in the Abbott Loop area.

Mel Gillis, Anchorage, AK

Example: 9075434113