Cama-i Dance Festival 2020 – Postponed

After careful consideration and lengthy discussion about the concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19, a severe and highly contagious respiratory illness), we have decided to postpone the 2020 Cama-i Dance Festival. We will be working with the high school for an early fall date – yes still 2020….. and create a special opportunity for our young children’s “first dance”.
Key factors included:  –  care of our frail elders… “how can we have the festival without them”.  –  the current spring break of LKSD and KuC with kids, families and teachers traveling out of state and returning this weekend (one week before our festival – not the 2 weeks needed to see if anyone was sick) .  –  agency constraints (DOC decision not to allow the Tundra Center to help with their usual 5 days of set-up, stage hands and take down support).  –  return of the Dance groups to their villages after the festival.
Remember – our theme this year “Yurarturciqukut ~ Resilience Through Dance”… we are resilient!
Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who have contributed to date – we will keep everyone informed as we move forward.
Linda Curda, for the Cama-i Dance Festival Committee   CoordinatorJosh Fisher, for the Bethel Council on the Arts   President