Calista Enrollment provides many opportunities for descendants

by Timotheen Charles

My goal as an Intern is to increase awareness about Calista Enrollment in the 18 through 39 year old category through outreach.

On July 2015, the original shareholders voted to open up new enrollment for descendants. Enrolling as a descendant give us many opportunities with Calista.

Enrollment is open and there are many ways to enroll, such as online, in person or sent applications. The two types of shares are Class C and Class D. Class C is for descendants of original shareholders (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents) that were born after December 18, 1971. Class D shares are for those that were born before or on December 18, 1971 but did not enroll.

According to the ANCSA requirement you should have ¼ blood quantum for Class D shares. Although both shares are not inheritable or cannot be gifted out, it is important for us to be enrolled.

When applying make sure you attach a copy of your birth certificate showing that you are a lineal descendant to the original shareholder. Also when enrolling at our corporate office, we encourage you to bring your IDs for proof of legal name. Make sure you know your Social Security Numbers.

As an example we will use “Sally”. Sally is a descendant of an original shareholder. Her parents are not shareholders because they were born after 1971, but her grandparents are. Sally must make a copy of her birth certificate showing her mother/father’s name, and also her mother/father’s birth certificate showing her parent’s mother/father’s name – this shows the line of descendant connecting to the original shareholder.

We will also use “Richard”. Richard is also an original shareholder’s descendant. He was born in 1973 – two years after the deadline. His parents are original shareholders. Richard provides his birth certificate and his mother/father’s birth certificate.

Being a shareholder give us many opportunities such as voting for changes, electing leaders, dividends, internships, job opportunities, scholarships, advocacy and donations. Calista’s goals are to increase Calista Shareholder Descendant jobs, services and benefits, maximize profits and build diverse, strong business lines, optimize the value of Calista’s natural resources, and promote in-Region business development.

Calista’s mission is to increase shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, execution and financial discipline. As you can see here, their goals and missions are to increase the opportunities for the descendants, which give us, as new enrollees, a chance to be enrolled, and given great opportunities to be working with our Corporation.

Calista’s values are Integrity and highest ethical standards, Respect of self and others, Communication that is open, consistent and two-way, Dedication and loyalty to corporate vision/mission, people, and customers, Teamwork and meeting our commitments to one another, Continuous improvement development and learning in all we do, Cultural pride and respect for diversity of people, cultures and ideas, Performance with professionalism and recognition of positive results, and Service to shareholders, customers and the public.

Calista’s shareholder opportunities are many, like enrolling for Class C or Class D shares.

Come enroll today! Our Office in Bethel is at 313 Willow Street. Our phone number is (907) 543-5420. You can also enroll online at or you can ask for paper applications through fax, mail or email. We are open from 8am to 5pm. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Enroll-aryarturniartuci! Quyana Cakneq!

Timotheen Charles is a Shareholder Project Intern for the Calista Corporation.