Calista Election and annual Shareholders Meeting Results

Sleetmute residents gather for the 2017 Calista Annual Shareholders meeting, July 7th. Photo courtesy of Thom Leonard/Calista

by Greg Lincoln

The 2017 Calista Annual Meeting of Shareholders took place last Saturday, July 7th in the village of Sleetmute at the Jack Egnaty Sr. School. All incumbents who were running again won their elections. Here are the following results, which will be certified this week:

Board Member Election

Unit 7: Margaret Pohjola reelected

Unit 8: Willie Kasayulie reelected

Unit 9: Earl Samuelson, Sr. reelected

Unit 10: Leslie Hunter, Sr. reelected

The binding resolution to change the quorum requirement: A majority voted in favor of the resolution but it did not pass since it required at least two-thirds of yes votes from voting Shareholders.

The Inspector of Elections who receives and counts all the votes, Sramek-Hightower, is expected to provide certified results sometime Monday, July 10th, 2017.

Congratulations to the Shareholder Award recipients as follows:

Calista Youth/Educator of the Year: David Evon of Bethel

Calista Elder of the Year: Elizabeth Kasayuli of Scammon Bay

Raymond C. Christiansen Business of the Year recipient: Pete Mellick of Sleetmute

Axel C. Johnson Distinguished Shareholder recipient: Jon Simeon of Aniak and stationed in Glennallen as an Alaska State Trooper

Each awardee will receive a check for $1,500 and a plaque. Congratulations and thank you for your service.

“Quyana Cakneq to the community of Sleetmute for hosting the meeting this year!” said Thom Leonard, the Communications Manager for Calista.

This year marks the 47th year of annual Calista meetings. So far, a total of 32 communities have hosted 42 annual meetings. More than 60% of Shareholders live in the Calista Region. Of Calista’s 13,000 Shareholders, about 9,000 are original Shareholders and about 4,000 were gifted or inherited shares.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held at least once every five years in Bethel, and at least once every seven years in Anchorage. The other meetings will be held in villages in the Calista Region selected by the Board of Directors. 2017 is the fourth year that shareholders have enjoyed online voting. Quyana.