Calista Corporation will consult with YK Tribes on CARES Tribal Funding

by Calista Staff

Calista (cha-LIS-ta) Corporation appreciates the U.S. District Court’s recent decision to uphold the Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations’ eligibility for much-needed funding from Title V of the CARES Act.

No funding has been received by Calista at this time and the amount of a future distribution is unknown.

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting lives on multiple different levels, Calista believes there should be global to local levels to the response. Alaska Native Corporations play a vital role in assisting Alaska Native peoples and Alaska communities.

As Calista noted in our April 17, 2020 statement, should Calista be provided Tribal Relief Funds in any amount, we will consult with Tribes on how best to benefit and help protect Yukon Kuskokwim Region communities and families. Calista held a conference call with YK Region Tribes in June. Another consultation call with YK Tribe and Village Corporation leadership will be held next week.

Additionally, Calista will absorb any management costs so every dollar possible reaches YK communities and our Shareholders while following Treasury requirements. As a reminder, the U.S. Treasury has stated it may audit the use of any Tribal Relief Funds. The Treasury has a “Coronavirus Relief Fund Guidance” document that provides direction on how funds may be used.

Quyana Cakneq to dedicated Calista staff as well as organizations including AVCP, ANVCA, ANCSA Regional Association, AFN and others who worked to reach as many Alaska Tribes and Village Corporations as possible for the various submission deadlines set by the U.S. Treasury.