Calista Corporation welcomes 3,100 new shareholders, Declares Akilista Dividend

by Thom Aparuk Leonard

Calista (cha-LIS-tuh) Corporation’s Board of Directors approved the 2018 Akilista (aw-KE-lis-ta) dividend. At $2.61 million this year, it’s the largest Akilista dividend in Calista’s history.
Calista staff will soon issue shares to about 3,100 enrollment applicants. These new Shareholders will be eligible for the Akilista dividend. This expansion will bring the total number of Shareholders to more than 28,500, compared to about 13,000 a year ago.
Dividends are distributed by share, with the average Shareholder owning 100 shares. The total number of shares increased from about 1.3 million last year to about 2.7 million. As a result, this fall dividend will be approximately $0.87 per share. The final value will be determined after October 25, the official date of record for this dividend. All Shareholders recorded and identified on this date will receive the Akilista dividend.
The Akilista dividend is expected to be released for direct deposit and mailed out by the close of business November 20, 2018. Direct deposit forms must be completed and on file by November 2.
“The economic impact for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is about $1.7 million, since more than 65 percent of our Shareholders live in the region. These dividends help residents meet costly food and energy bills,” says Calista Board Chair Robert Beans.
The Akilista dividend is based on the market value of the Akilista investment portfolio for the prior three years. The first Akilista distribution occurred in 2014.
Thom Aparuk Leonard is the Corp. Communications & Public Relations Manager.