Calista Corporation Stock Will Drive a Success

by Thom Leonard

Calista Corporation’s biggest contest made three Shareholders very happy. Sammy Andreanoff won a 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 700XT all-terrain vehicle (ATV), Sandra Nicori won 50,000 Alaska Airlines miles, and Emma Tamang won a $1,000 gift card.

Calista will cover the cost of shipping the ATV to Sammy’s home. Sammy is originally from Sleetmute.

“Stock wills are crucial for Alaska Native Corporation Shareholders. The stock will directs the Shareholder’s Alaska Native Corporation how to distribute stock after he or she passes,” said Shareholder Services Manager Rose Kairaiuak. “If a Shareholder passes without a valid stock will on file, Alaska State Statutes will decide how stock is distributed among family members.”

About 500 Calista Stock Will forms were submitted during the 46-day contest period. For comparison, four Stock Wills were submitted in September, the month before the contest started. More than 6,400 stock wills are now on file for living Shareholders.

Original Calista stock, Class A and Class B, are giftable and inheritable. The new Class C and Class D enrollment stock are life-estate only. This means Class C and Class D shares can’t be gifted or inherited.

Thomas Leonard is the Communications Manager for the Calista Corporation.