Calista Corporation launches MyCalista online shareholder portal Manage Contact Information, Review Dividend Payments, More

Calista (cha-LIS-tuh) Corporation upgrades interaction with Shareholders with its secure, interactive MyCalista online portal. Found at, Shareholders now have a suite of options at their fingertips.

Shareholders can opt-in for electronic delivery of the Storyknife newsletters. Also available are forms to receive dividends by direct deposit or go paperless with Annual Meeting materials. The electronic Annual Meeting materials option alone can eliminate about 100 pages of paper per Shareholder.

“If 2,000 Shareholders select this option,” says Communications Manager Thom Leonard, “one ton of paper would no longer be needed.”

Calista Shareholders can view and update contact information, view several years of past dividend payments, create a dividend confirmation report, and more.

Calista President/CEO Andrew Guy says, “The average age of our Shareholders is trending down. Calista has consistently heard requests for more digital connections with our Shareholders. We are excited to launch MyCalista after months of final design and testing.”

Registering for MyCalista is easy. Visit, click Register, and enter the required information. Shareholders who need assistance with registration can contact Shareholder Services at (907) 275-2801.